Thursday, August 26, 2004

Sounds that woke you up

Another "Roundup" story, I had forgotten how many I had written!

So many years ago my wife and I rented a small house, our first house together. 500 square feet of bliss. It was on a tee junction and the bedroom closet was built in front of the window. Not much chance of car headlights waking you up, but all our clothes faded on one side from the sun.
Our bedroom was small, so small that once we got our queen size waterbed in the room you could not close the door.
We had two pets at this time, a bird, and a cat…..good combo eh?
One night I was sound asleep, a very deep sleep. My wife was awake, reading in bed.
She saw the cat stalking upon the birdcage, I being asleep did not! My dream was so vivid so real.
There was a semi truck rounding the corner of the tee junction. The cat crept closer and closer to the birdcage.
The truck spun out of control…… The cat pounced……The truck smashed through the window, through the closet…….the cat snagged the cage.

The crash that followed surely woke the dead. I know it woke me!
My wife was laughing hysterically! Not so much at the crash, but at the sight of a 200 pound man dancing around on a waterbed! I was so scared I couldn’t even utter a word. Just some incoherent babbling….. Ahh buu ahhh du…wha weha what was that.
She still brings this up on those occasions that it is appropriate. You wouldn’t believe how many times it is appropriate.

We moved to another house shortly after that. The front porch light was shining through the window and keeping my wife awake. I was dozing off and on but she asked me if I would get up and turn it off. I was closer so I said sure. I got out of bed, counted the steps to the front door and turned off the light. I counted the steps back to the bedroom and turned. Took a few steps forward….well one anyway. And walked right into the door frame. I forgot to subtract the step I took when I turned. Amazing how many stars you see in the pitch of night! I crawled back into bed, head pounding. It was even harder trying to fall back to sleep when the water bed was rocking from her laughter! It wasn’t too long before we moved from that house too.


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