Friday, September 24, 2004

Halloween, then and now

Well it is early Friday morning. I catch a ride with my wife Nadine, on Fridays. She works at 5 am and I start at 7am. so that gives me a few hours before work to reflect on things, surf the net for whatever my latest obsession is, right now it is Halloween effects for a party coming up.
When I first came to Canada in 1965 I had never even heard of Halloween, let alone trick or treat.
Imagine a little English boy with a strong accent. His school mates tell him that there is a day where you can go from one house to the next with an empty sack and ask for treats and candies from complete strangers and they will give them to you!
Yeah Right. What is this Eutopian world you are living in.
My first Halloween took place in Toronto, Willowdale actually. We lived in a highrise, at the time it was the tallest, a whole 13 stories. Soon to be shadowed by the surrounding developments.
My parents knew little of the Halloween traditions, the certainly didnt have money to buy candies to give to strange children.
We had no costumes and knowing that there is a need for children to fit in my mom was very ingenious and wrapped me up un a toga made from a sheet. Julious Ceasar was reborn. Although a Nero's violin and a burning town in a redwagon would probably have made more sense for halloween, it was hardly practical in those days. I could pull it off now, after seeing all the halloween effects. I have to include this link
We went down the hall of the ninth floor of the apartment, donned with our costumes and our little paper grocery bags. By the time we were at the end of the hall our bags were overflowing and a neighbour gave us a green garbage bag to continue!
We ran home dumped the bags so mom had some candy to give out to the other kids that called and hit the streets running.
I have no idea how much candy we got that night. I do remember still eating the molasses halloween kisses around Christmas and Newyear. I also remember thinking to myself, "This is the land of milk and honey" I am sure glad my parents brought us to this country!
I guess it is time for me to get back to the Halloween effects pages. I am trying to figure out how to make writing appear on a mirror while you stand there watching it. I think I figured it out while writing this! Funny how as I get older I am more into the tricks than the treats. I have already figured out how to make Linda Blairs face superimpose over your reflection :D If you happen to hear whispering in the bathroom when you look in the mirror, it is just me!
What a warped mind I have.
Ciao for now!


At 6:34 PM, Blogger moon said...

I think that message in the mirror idea is so cool. Even better though would be if a magic mirror were invented for wives with cheating would detect somethings up as soon as the guy got home and went to wash (off evidence etc) in the bathroom...and the mirror would magically write...BUSTEDDDDDDDD.......hehe I have a warped mind lol


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