Monday, August 30, 2004

Art in life

This is not so much how art has affected my life but more my fathers. I am not sure of all the details, but the story goes something like this.
My father was in the Territorial Army in England, something akin to the reserves in Canada. At that time he was working for a company that designed packages, He had an unusual task of painting prunes for a canned product. Why would one paint prunes you may ask? If you have ever seen a photograph of prunes in a dish , you would understand!
One evening there was a Gala event. A Ball with royalty. I am not sure which princess was in attendance, but royalty is royalty. My father was officer on duty and was introduced to the Princess, as the prune painter. She was rather amussed by this and asked if he would be intersted in an Appointment. It seems the princess had never had a Royal Prune Painter in her charge. Needless to say my father was thrilled with the idea.
He had an appointment to see her and become the Royal Prune Painter by Appointment.
He drove to her residence and was greeted at the door by a valet.
"One moment please and I will the Princess you are here."
Several minutes later he retuned to inform my father
"Terribly sorry sir but your appointment was for last week ....Have a good day!"
So close and yet so far.


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