Thursday, August 26, 2004

Weightier than thou

I had forgotten just how many letters I wrote to roundup@vancouver.cbc

I, being a man cannot begin to understand the fortitude required to deliver a baby, any size of baby. Sure I was there and supportive for all of my children's births, and nothing can compare with the feeling you get when your own child is brought into this world.
I wonder how my mom must have felt almost 46 years ago. I was supposed to be born on April 1, there was no way she was going to have a baby born on Fools Day.
She didn't have to worry. I hung on for awhile. A few whiles as a matter of fact. See her birthday was just around the corner. April 9, what a present that would be. for me to emerge on her birthday. The ultimate "Birth Day" present.
Now I wasn't that big a baby, 7 pound range I think, but I have come to hear, many many times, that I was not an easy birth. I was born, not breech, far too easy .... I was born transverse. That is to say one arm and one leg wanting to emmerge at the same time. In the maternity hospital in England I dont think ciscarian was an option, they didn't even believe in episiotomies. So the diligent midwife, tucked me back in and turned me around.
I still came out OK. and I wasn't the last child to mom and dad. But I still have the claim of being the best birthday present she ever had. After all she told me that and moms never lie about such things.


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