Thursday, August 26, 2004

Flagpole pitch

The staff of the roundup always seem to get something going in my mind

In 1975 I was in the reserves, the Canadian Scottish Regiment. That was a year where I had a little bit of an academic struggle at school, I was supposed to go to summer school to make up for a lack of understanding certain principles of mathematics. The rest of my regiment went off to Wainright for summer training. Unfortunately there were not enough students to warrant summer school so it was cancelled.
With the rest of the regiment well into their training there was no chance for me to join them, fortunately my Major was also my history teacher and he made arrangements for me to go to Vernon with the Cadets.
In the camp in Vernon was a very healthy nurse. Several of the young men challenged one of their peers to seduce her. It seems some sort of proof would be required, something that would be irrefutable. The next day rumours were flying all over the camp, well not just rumours but something else. I couldn't believe it, the local radio station just announced a UFO flying over the town. There at the top of the flagpole was a very large bra! Although this was a training camp this was no training facility. That's when the problems started. It seems that one of the cups had slipped through the pulley at the top of the pole, a cup on each side, caught fast, immovable. I know it was immovable because one of my duties was to raise and lower the flag. Try as we might the flying fabric would not fall. In the end the whole pole had to be lowered by a crane truck. It was a wonderful summer full of lots of other stories, but the pitch went out for flagpoles and that I will need more pitches to sweep the cobwebs away form the darker side of my brain.


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