Saturday, March 24, 2012

Brain Pains

Well I havent written for quite some time. No real excuses, only reasons. Apathy and procrastination. Oh there was a pesky little health blip.

On May 17 2011 I had a Non Aneurism Subarachnoid Hemorrhage. I think by definition it would be called a bloody headache.
So it was more of a scare for my loved ones than it was for me. I had the worst headache of my life, probably a 25 on a scale of one to ten. 5 days in ER on a diet of ice chips and morphine. 5 attempts at a lumbar puncture. well that was a pain for sure. I have to admit that the thought of going through the Lumbar makes me wince. I can look at almost any image on the internet but that one.

Well I am back on the mend and other than a few minor glitches I feel pretty good.
There is short term memory loss, a difficulty concentrating, emotional liability and fatigue.
Hmmm maybe thats why I havent written much..... but that doesnt cover previous years :D
I hope to write a little about my experience with a brain hemorrhage I believe it will help me move forward and hopefully show other people what they or the people they love can expect if they are touched with the same concerns.

Emotional liability is quite an experience. Nothing like watching a commercial and bursting into tears for no real reason. Ah but I am a better man for it. I just need a tissue now.


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